About us

My Name is Nadeem Shaikh, the founder of nadeemacademy.com

I am a Qualified Chartered Accountant, B. com and M. Com, having professional and expert Knowledge  in Account, Finance, and Taxation. 



Over 20 years of expert experience in:-

  • Accounting & Costing
  • Direct & Indirect Taxation
  • Transfer pricing
  • Fund Raising Due Diligence
  • Statutory Compliances
  • Audits Internal & Statutory
  • GST implementation
  • MIS Development

Accounting & Costing

Expert Knowledge of handling Financial Accounting & Costing  

  • Developing monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial statements as per IND AS, US GAAP and IFRS.
  • Complete expertise in handling large Multinational companies Accounting and Costing Functions and setting and delivering Financials reports on time. 
  • Monitoring team for day to day accounting and scrutiny of ledgers with Indian Accounting Standard compliance
  • Accounting related party transaction defining the best appropriate way
  • Account receivable control, from highlighting over dues positions, method of collection till provisions/write-offs.
  • Accounts payable management – allocating funds as per the priority payments.
  • Cost control and allocation of cost in accounting
  • Heading and ensuring Statutory Audit and Internal Audits completion on time.
  • Expert Knowledge of accounting in all respects and handling accounts team.


  • Company computation of Tax planning, Federal Tax, State-Tax, Advance Tax, MAT, and Deferred Tax filling company returns on time.
  • I had expert experience handling Tax audits, Submission for Income tax scrutiny assessment, and tax appeals.
  • I had expert experience in handling Direct and Indirect Taxes Compliances like GST, VAT and TDS from payment to filling returns and statutory Audits, and Department Audit and all related assessments.
  • Transfer pricing-related work from filling returns till TP audit, resolving issues in transfer pricing, and all related assessments.


  • We arrange sanction limits from the Bank for Working capital loan (OD), Bank Guarantee, and Term Loan funding.
  • We are liaising with Bank and regulatory authorities to obtain necessary sanctions & approvals and ensure compliance for Fundraising for Project.
  • Fund Flow Management, Investment planning, utilization, and generating income from funds in the best possible ways.
  • Fundraising and planning on utilization of funds.

Fund Raising Due Diligence

  • Expert experience in Equity Fund Raising and Debt fundraising. Making the company self-sufficient in respect of funding requirements.
  • Working Capital Loan and Overdraft Facility   


  • Monthly Dashboards for Profitabiltiy of Company, Trend of Profit and Loss accounts , Sales Trend , Reason for increase and decrease in Sales and Contribution. Helping business owner to make the right decision of increase Sales , Contribution and Margin.
  • Monthly MIS, Dashboards for CEO, for profitability, receivables collection, and vendors payables.
  • We are formulating Annual Budgets, Revenue & Capital Budget and conducting variance analysis to determine the difference between projected & actual results and implementing corrective actions for cost reduction.


  • Completed equity funding, due Diligence for four cores.
  • Successfully raised INR 20 corers towards working limits from Bank.


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