DMCA Policy

DMCA policy

This Digital Millennium Copyright Act policy (“Policy”) applies to name website (“Website” or “Service”) and any of related products and a services (collectively, “Services”) and a outlines on how this Website operator as (“Operator”, “we”, “us” or “our”) addresses is copyright infringement is notifications and on how you (“you” or “your”) may be submit in a copyright infringement of complaint.

Protection of an intellectual property is of a utmost importance mainly to us and as we ask our users and their authorized agents basically to do with the same. It is our a policy to be expeditiously and to respond to clear notifications of an alleged be copyright infringement that the comply with United States Digital the Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) of in year 1998, the text of this which can be a found at U.S. Copyright Office website.

What is to consider before is submitting a copyright complaint

Before is submitting a copyright complaint to us, that is consider whether that use could be mainly considered and fair use. Fair use is states that the brief excerpts of a copyrighted type of material may, under be certain circumstances, this be quoted verbatim for the purposes such as a criticism, a news reporting, a teaching, and a research, without it is need for a permission from or a payment to this copyright holder. If you as have considered fair use, and a you still wish to be continue with the copyright complaint, you may need to want to first reach outa  to the user in a question to basically see if you can have resolve the main matter directly with user.

Please be note that if you are basically unsure that whether a material you are been reporting is in of fact infringing, you may be wish to be contact on an attorney before been filing on a notification with us.

We may, at our a discretion or as a required by law, you may share a copy of your been  notification or a counter-notification with the basically a account holder with engaged in allegedly been infringing activity or for a publication. If you are in concerned about a information is being forwarded, you may be wish to hire an agent to be report infringing on material for you.

Notifications of infringement

Filing a DMCA complaint is only the start of a  been pre-defined type of legal process. Your may complaint will be reviewed for an accuracy,  a validity, and a completeness. Our been response may be include in the removal or restriction of access to  be allegedly infringing material by as well as been permanent termination of a repeat infringers’ in accounts. We may be also require to  court order from a a court of a competent jurisdiction, as a determined by us in a our type of sole discretion, before we been take any action.

If we basically remove or restrict an access to a materials or a terminate an account in a response to an Notification of alleged an infringement, we will be make a good faith in effort to a contact the affected mention user with information is concerning in the removal or a  restriction of access, which may be include for a full copy of your Notification ( is including your name, a address, a phone, and a email address).

The process described in Policy is does not limit in our ability to  bee pursue any of other remedies we may be have to address been suspected infringement.

Changes and amendments

We been reserve the right to  been modify this Policy or its a terms related to Website and a Services at any  of time at our in discretion. When we do, we then will send to you an email to  be notify you. We may also be provide notice to you in of other ways at our  been discretion, such as through us contact information you have been provided.

An updated or revised  version of this Policy will be in effective immediately upon posting of revised Policy unless otherwise it is specified. Your continued been use of the Website and a Services after an effective date of revised Policy (or a such other act is specified at  time) will be constitute your a consent to those any changes.

Reporting copyright infringement

If you would like to notify us of the infringing material or activity, we encourage you to contact us using the details below: